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Let’s be realistic: The real story of energy

Scott Rotruck, Spilman Thomas & Battle, PLLC – Moderator

The changing reality of energy development and use, or, ‘What’s heating your coffee today and what will be heating it tomorrow?

Jeff LaFleur, Appalachian Power Company

What is the realistic long-term future for coal?

Peter Balash, NETL
Jim Crews, MarkWest

What is the realistic amount of energy we can obtain from renewables?

Christine Risch, MU

Heating things up: Energy’s evolution in response to climate change

Lindsay Emery, Linking Innovation, Industry & Commercialization, WVU – Moderator

Kevin Law, MU

History and forecast of climate change

Joshua Fershee, WVU

Energy policy and law

Carey Butler, KeyLogic

Evolution of energy technologies

Randy Dye, WV Division of Forestry

Sustainability and utilization of forest energy resources


Energetic minds: A sample of energy research in West Virginia

Kevin DiGregorio, Chemical Alliance Zone – Moderator

Brian Anderson, WVU

The potential of geothermal energy in West Virginia

Timothy R. Carr, WVU

The latest in shale gas research

 Derrick Kolling, MU 

Biofuels as a transportation fuel

Amir Hass, WVSU

The promise of biomass

Xingbo Liu, WVU

State funded research in electrochemical energy storage


Efficient and effective: Promising programs to address energy efficiency

Sarah Halstead, Sustainable Community & Economic Development Specialist, WVSU – Moderator

Thom Worlledge, U.S. Green Building Council

Implementing leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED) building standards

Dimitris Korakakis, WVU

WVU’s Solar Decathlon team and the promise of low energy houses

Micky Holcomb, WVU

Overcoming roadblocks in ruture computing at the Center for Energy Efficient Electronics at MU and WVU

Dan Carder, CAFEE  

WVU Center for Alternative Fuels, Engines and Emissions


Who is going to do all this? Developing the energy workforce

Gary Clay, Past President of the West Virginia Manufacturers’ Association – Moderator

Donna Burge-Tetrick, West Virginia Department of Education

K-12 education for energy-literate employees

Jim Skidmore, Community and Technical College System of West Virginia

Community & Technical College educational programs for energy workers

Fonda Holehouse, E*QUAD program, WVU

Undergraduate programs for energy workers

Anna Zaniewski, University of California-Berkeley 

The compass project at UC Berkeley. A self-formed group of students to improve science education