The division provides an array of funding programs and opportunities to West Virginia researchers. While specific, required information is detailed in the announcement/request for proposals for each program or competition, a general set of guidelines cuts across all the division’s initiatives. While no one project is expected to contain all aspects, proposals should address as many of the following areas of emphasis as possible:

Collaborations among projects, institutions or principal investigators

Linkages between researchers at primarily undergraduate institutions and the two research institutions (Marshall University and West Virginia University)

Linkages with K-12 schools, teachers and students

Involving students in research

Targeting Appalachian, African American, Native American, Hispanic, female or other underrepresented or underserved student populations in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields

Proposals from or that partner with Historically Black Colleges or Universities (HBCU’s)

Proposals that clearly articulate a potentially broad impact to the state’s citizenry

Proposals that clearly articulate a potential scientific breakthrough, or that are otherwise cutting-edge or transformative in their expected outcome(s)

Proposals that support high-risk, high-reward research in areas of critical state and national need 

Research proposals that have potential for commercial products, licensing, patenting and job creation

Proposals that support a technically trained and scientifically literate work force

You should also know:

All programs are competitive

All proposals will be peer reviewed externally by qualified fellow scientists

All grant projects will be evaluated

All grants require rigorous reporting and accountability for funding

All grants are cost-reimbursable or require advance performance measures

All multi-year grant awards require annual progress reporting and renewal measures

All grant projects require a final report that clearly states outcomes

All grant awards are monitored for adherence to grant conditions

All grant awards are made subject to the availability of funds provided by the state legislature or federal agencies

All significant modifications to grant awards must be approved in advance

All grant awards result in a binding contractual agreement that may include additional terms and conditions

All grant awards limit direct support to U.S. citizens or permanent residents (students and faculty)