West Virginia’s third annual College Application and Exploration Week will be held across the state October 1 through 5, 2012!

College Application and Exploration Week (CAEW) will be a fun and collaborative event that will help schools and communities embrace a culture of college readiness and exploration. CAEW will encourage students — particularly low-income students, first-generation students and/or adult learners (under-served populations) — to explore their options for college and to submit college applications. Through CAEW, students and families will:

  • Learn about the college application process and the importance of applying early;
  • Learn more about the degree and program options available to students, as well as the various two-year and four-year colleges and universities across West Virginia;
  • Learn about the admissions process, including essay-writing, admissions standards and requirements, and the various tasks associated with applying for college;
  • Utilize cfwv.com as a college-planning/exploration tool; and
  • Utilize cfwv.com to apply to college.

Learn more at www.cfwv.com.

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