The Division of Science and Research seeks proposals from eligible state colleges and universities for the Research Trust Fund STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Program. Up to two awards of $100,000 may be awarded to qualifying higher education institutions that submit winning proposals.

The Research Trust Fund (RTF) for state colleges and universities is intended to provide funds to build the STEM research capacity of eligible institutions. The Division of Science and Research of the W.Va. Higher Education Policy Commission will provide RTF awards specifically targeted toward recruiting scholars and enhancing the research environment on state college and university campuses. The purpose of an RTF award is to provide support for lasting improvements in an institution’s research capacity and to build toward increasing the institution’s role in technology-based economic development. Institutional RTF plans submitted in response to this request for propsals must focus on building core research strengths needed to develop efforts for the successful pursuit of significant regional opportunities in science and engineering that also have economic development potential.

Eligible research enhancement activities under this proposal include:

Faculty: New STEM faculty positions and associated expenses for those positions, including start-up costs, salaries,benefits, travel and other professional expenses permitted by university policy;

Salary Supplements: Existing faculty positions that exhibit meritorious achievement and scholarship in STEM fields. Under a faculty retention plan, salaries, benefits, travel and other professional expenses as permitted by university policy are allowed;

Start-up Support: Packages of support used to attract and recruit outstanding STEM faculty. Start-ups should be limited to supplies, instruments, laboratory renovations and support, and student assistantships as may be required to initiate a high-caliber research program;

High-end Instrumentation: RTF funds may be used to purchase instrumentation to be used by faculty researchers and students. Instrumentation to be purchased with these funds should be beyond the reach of other state grant programs or normal institutional budgets;

Stipend Support for Students: Stipends for outstanding STEM undergraduate and graduate students at regionally competitive rates. Stipend support should primarily be used to attract excellent undergraduate and graduate students but may also be used to raise the stipends of current STEM students;

Scientific Literature and Digital Resources: To acknowledge the importance of researchers’ access to appropriate digital resources and relevant scholarly journals, publications and literature, as well as the positive correlation between this access and research quality and productivity, institutions may propose to allocate funds for library materials in STEM fields.

Carefully read and follow the attached  Research Trust Fund Proposal 2013 Program Announcement/Request for Proposals. Proposals must be received by December 21, 2012.