The University of Charleston has received a grant to provide scholarships to 12 of its students pursuing STEM degrees. The grant was announced by U.S. Senators Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) and Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), members of the Senate Appropriations Committee. The grant totals $648,409 to fund four-year scholarships to 12 students pursuing baccalaureate degrees in data science, computer science, biological sciences, chemistry, and dual biology-chemistry programs at the University of Charleston (UC). Funding is provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

The project entitled “Scholars Program for Environmental Challenges” is under the direction of UC Professors Aida E. Jimenez-Esquilin, David L. Haas, Juliana Serafin, and Mark B. Watson.

“Getting this award is evidence of the fine quality of the Faculty at UC and our hard work and commitment to our students and our mission”, stated Aida E. Jimenez-Esquilin, UC Biology Program Director. “This grant will allow us to give the quality education characteristic of UC to a number of talented and deserving WV students. The program goes above providing financial aid, it will emphasize long-term mentoring through their time at UC and beyond in a wealth of activities aimed to develop their science identity.”

“What an amazing gift for 12 lucky and deserving UC students,” Senator Capito said. “West Virginia is always looking to attract talented students, particularly in STEM fields. As our state works toward a more robust STEM workforce, seeing UC’s programs align with NSF’s greater goal of preparing that future workforce is encouraging and shows the promise of West Virginia in contributing more to a 21st-century economy. ”      

“I am so proud to announce that 12 bright students at the University of Charleston will receive scholarships to pursue their education in STEM fields. STEM careers are essential to our 21st-century economy and we must prioritize scholarships and funding for STEM education. I have no doubt that these students will receive a world-class education at the University of Charleston and hopefully stay in our state to help move our economy and workforce forward,” Senator Manchin said.

The University of Charleston recently announced the addition of several new programs: In the School of Business & Leadership – Digital Marketing, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Financial Planning, Sport Analytics, Sport Media, and Marketing.  In the School of Arts & Science – Data Analytics Concentration in Chemistry and Biology, Digital Media Design and Cybersecurity and Information Assurance. In the School of Health Sciences – Weekend Associate Degree of Nursing on the Charleston campus.

Originally from Carrie Stollings for University of Charleston News