The maker movement continues to make an impact in Huntington, West Virginia, with the opening of The Robert C. Byrd Institute’s (RCBI) Maker Vault. The Maker Vault, located in an old bank vault at RCBI’s Fourth Avenue office, provides the community access to high-end consumer equipment to encourage entrepreneurship and creating. Members will pay a monthly fee for access to tools that include an X-Carve tabletop CNC router, 3D printers, a vacuum form mold, vinyl cutter and more.

At the Maker Vault opening event on May 13, Huntington Mayor Steve Williams noted that the vault, when it was used as an actual bank vault, contained wealth and now it has something even more valuable – the potential to create. His statements emphasize RCBI’s overall goal of getting the community involved in making, knowing that these skills are valuable for both the individuals and the community. The results of being a successful maker could be a new business or the simple satisfaction of learning how to make something — either would be considered an empowering success.

The Maker Vault also is available as a meeting location for groups with interests in activities such as woodworking, computer programing, Arduinos or whatever the local making community decides. If you are interested in learning more about the Maker Vault or in starting an interest group, send an email to