The West Virginia Rocketry Association and STEM Enterprises are sponsoring a 2016 summer camp on July 18-21, 2016. The 4-day rocket camp is for students in grades 7-12 and will take place at NASA’s IV&V Educator Resource Center (ERC) in Fairmont.  The camp will focus on rocket design, modeling and 3D CAD software, as well as building a stable and suitable rocket for the 2016-2017 challenge.


To design a rocket that can compete in the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC).

The coach/chaperone and team of 2-4 students will:

  • Build and launch several types of model rockets,
  • Explore rocket stability with a NASA model rocket expert,
  • Be trained on RockSim, a rocket design and simulation software package
  • Design and print your own rocket components using 3D CAD software,
  • Learn to track your rocket altitude from WV Rocketry Association

The coach/chaperone and team will experience all the above and receive FREE materials.

  • An altimeter for a rocket
  • One complete TARC ready rocket that the team will build during the camp.

This unique opportunity is for 1-2 coach(s) and/or chaperones and 2-4 students to attend together and learn side-by-side.  The coach/chaperone will be responsible for transporting the students to NASA’s IV&V Facility in Fairmont, West Virginia, each day and will serve as a chaperone.  Lunch will be provided, but teams are responsible for their own lodging and dinners (if necessary).

Who can be a TARC coach/mentor?

A coach/mentor can be a teacher, parent or professional, but you must be able to commit to:

  • Attending the entire camp July 18-21, 2016  (9 a.m. -5 p.m. daily)
  • Register a team at before the deadline, December 2016.  Cost is $125.00.
  • Meet with the team once a week (on average) from the date the challenged is released until submission of qualifying launches (approx. 5 months),
  • Ensure the team (at least the 2-4 students who attend the camp) launches their rocket and are observed by a NAR member.  The WV Rocketry Association runs TARC launches in Morgantown on the last Saturday of each month, with additional dates added toward the end of the season.

To apply, complete the REGISTRATION FORM.  Contact Jaime Ford at or 304-367-8379 with questions. Details are also available at