What: The West Virginia University Department of Forensic and Investigative Sciences and the Next Generation Forensic Science Initiative will be hosting a forensic science summer camp for middle school (6th—8th grade) and high school (9th –12th grade) students for one week this summer. The goal of this program is to bring the crime lab to the classroom. Through hands-on, experiential learning, participants will  acquire the practical knowledge and skills that forensic scientists employ in their day-to-day casework. At the conclusion of the week, participants  will take their newly acquired knowledge and skills and apply them to a mock crime scene at the WVU Crime Scene Complex. Topics in these classes will include: Fingerprints, Footwear Impression Evidence, FIrearm Identification, DNA, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Digital Evidence, Forensic Microscopy, and Crime Scene Evidence. *Middle school and high school camps will be held concurrently but separate from one another.
When: The camp will take place on June 22-26, 2015.
Where: The first 3 days of camp will be held at Oglebay Hall on the downtown campus. The last 2 days of camp will be held at the Crime Scene Complex on the Evansdale Campus.
Time: Camp begins each day at 9:00 AM and concludes at 4:00 PM each day.
Cost: The cost is $345.00 per participant. Included in the cost will be lunch each day, a t-shirt and a certificate of attendance.
Registration: Registration will be on a first-come first-serve basis. Each group of students, middle school and high school, will be limited to 20 students. To register go to wvu.augusoft.net, click on the “Browse Courses” button, and follow the instructions. *Registration closes May 1, 2015.
Information: For further information or questions about this program please contact Chris Bily by email at  Chris.Bily@mail.wvu.edu or by phone at 304-293-9496