Thank you for joining the 18th Annual Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol. This was our first virtual symposium with students uploading their pre-recorded presentations to YouTube and engaging in “synchronous commenting” with attendees, judges, and other participants. We are proud to announce this year’s winners below.


Biological & Biochemical Sciences Category
(20 oral presentations)

Winner: Abreanne Andlinger

Examining Relationships Between Neurodevelopment Genes and Transcription Factor Proteins in Zebrafish

Mentor: Dr. Sadie Bergeron

As a WVU Beckman Scholar, Abreanne and her research are supported by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation. She attends West Virginia University and is from Moundsville, W.Va. 

Runner Up: Dakota Parnell & Jesse Orell

Constructing Schematics for a Novel Microfluidic Slide for in vivo Imaging of Larval Zebrafish

Mentor: Dr. James Walters

Dakota and Jesse attend Bluefield State College and are from Bluefield, W.Va.

(Photo, left to right: Parnell and Orell)

Engineering & Technology Category
(11 oral presentations)

Winner: Christopher Anderson 

Microbial Composition and Diversity of Biofilms and Bulk Water in Drinking Water Distribution Systems

Mentor: Dr. Emily Garner

Christopher attends West Virginia University and is from Terra Alta, W.Va.

Runner Up: Andrew Wall

Mutual Authentication Protocol for Internet of Drones

Mentor: Dr. Cong Pu

Andrew attends Marshall University and is from Scott Depot, W.Va.

Health Sciences Category
(17 oral presentations)

Winner: Claire Kelly

Characterization of Interleukin-6 Regulation in Neuroinflammation

Mentor: Dr. Gordon Meares

Claire attends West Virginia University and is from Bruceton Mills, W.Va.

Runner Up: Jaelynn Parks

Antagonism of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Using Novel Bacteria to Develop Probiotics

Mentor: Dr. Matthew Williams

Jaelynn attends West Virginia University Institute of Technology and is from Lewisburg, W.Va. 

Human Engagement Category
(5 oral presentations)

Winner: Jessica Hogbin

Love and Politics: Ippolita Maria Sforza and Early Modern Maternal Relationships

Mentor: Dr. Matthew Vester

Jessica attends West Virginia University and is from Hedgesville, W.Va.

Physical Sciences & Mathematics Category
(16 oral presentations)

Winner: Sara Kuberski

Rapid Electrochemical Sensing of Acetaminophen Utilizing Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes in Forensic and Environmental Applications

Mentor: Dr. Luis Arroyo

Sara attends West Virginia University and is from Pickerington, OH

Runner Up: Tate Hawkins

Searching for Fast Radio Bursts with the 20 meter telescope at Green Bank Observatory

Mentor: Dr. Duncan Lorimer

Tate attends West Virginia University and is from Point Pleasant, W.Va.

Social & Behavioral Sciences Category
(12 oral presentations)

Winners: Sophia Shank and Lauren Browning

Improving Child Emotion Regulation and Development Through Emotion Labeling and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy-Toddler

Mentor: Dr. Cheryl McNeil and Christopher Owen

Sophia and Lauren attend West Virginia University and are from Parkersburg, W.Va. and Ashburn, Va., respectively.

(Photo, left to right: Shank and Browning)

Runner Up: Alysia Inosencio

Impact of Social Media on Mental Health Outcomes

Mentor: Dr. Rodney Klein

Alysia attends Concord University and is from Deltona, FL.