Renowned astrophysicist and best-selling author Mario Livio will be on Marshall University’s Huntington campus Wednesday, Nov. 12, as the featured lecturer for the Society of Yeager Scholars annual symposium.

Livio’s lecture will take place at 3 p.m. in Room BE-5 of the Memorial Student Center. His visit is sponsored by the Society of Yeager Scholars and the Marshall University Honors College, and is open to the public. A book-signing and reception will take place after the talk.

Livio, an astbrilliantblundersrophysicist with the Space Telescope Science Institute, recently wrote a national best-seller titled “Brilliant Blunders: From Darwin to Einstein, colossal mistakes by great scientists that changed our understanding of life and the universe.” Livio also writes for the Huffington Post and has appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.


“Even the greatest scientists have made some serious blunders,” Livio said. “ ‘Brilliant Blunders’ concerns the evolution of life on Earth, of the Earth itself, of stars, and of the universe as a whole. In this talk, I shall concentrate on and analyze major errors committed by such luminaries as Charles Darwin, Linus Pauling, and Albert Einstein.


“I will also scrutinize the various types of blunders and attempt to identify their causes. Most importantly, however, I’ll argue that blunders are not only inevitable, ­but rather part and parcel of progress in science and other creative enterprises.”


Dr. Nicki LoCascio, interim dean of the Honors College, encourages people of all interests to attend the lecture.


“Dr. Livio’s lecture should be an eye-opener for many. Science is often taught as a controlled, step wise, and logical progression toward the truth. In fact, his described blunders account for some of the greatest scientific advancements,” LoCascio said. “ ‘Brilliant Blunders’ is a fascinating read for everyone.”


Copies of “Brilliant Blunders” are available in the Marshall University Bookstore.