Sher Hendrickson-Lambert: The basics

Dr. Sher Hendrickson-Lambert is a molecular biologist at Shepherd University with a strong interest in adaptive selection. She has explored a number of different fields including population genetics, taxonomy, conservation biology in mammalian and avian species (Andean condors, feral Andean horses, felids) and statistics and genetic epidemiology in human AIDS cohorts. The connecting theme of her studies is mitochondrial genetics. She is currently interested in science policy and hope to take a more active role in the decision process in her fields of interest.



Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Biology

Shepherd University
July 2012 – Present
Shepherdstown, WV



Recent Advances in Conservation Genetics, South Africa
June 2013 – June 2013
South Africa Wildlife College


Project Research Scientist

Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
February 2012 – July 2012
Frederick, MD


Adjunct Professor

Shepherd University
July 2011 – May 2012
Shepherdstown, WV

Research Fellow

National Cancer Institute
February 2008 – November 2011


Bioinformatics Instructor (Bar-Gal Lab)

Koret School of Veterinary Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
April 2011 – April 2011
Rehovot, Israel


Recent Advences in Conservation Genetics

American Genetics Association
January 2010 – January 2010
White Oak Conservation Center
Yulee, Florida


Recent Advances in Conservation Genetics, Panama

The American Genetic Association and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI)
January 2009 – January 2009


Postdoctoral Research Fellow

National Cancer Institute
November 2003 – February 2008


NSF K-through-Infinity Teaching Fellow (Graduate and Postdoc)


The Graduate School and Madison Metropolitan School District
January 2000 – August 2002