Fairmont State University has been named one of the top 10 most affordable schools for Forensic Science by Affordable Schools. 

Dr. Mark Flood, Fairmont State coordinator of the Forensic Science program, said this ranking is exciting and shows the quality of the Forensic Science program while also still be affordable. 

“The Forensic Science program at Fairmont State prides itself on having quality faculty and students in addition to offering a reasonable cost,” Flood said. ” We have doubled the size of our incoming class this year, and I think the word is spreading about what we have here. If students are looking for a great value, high quality Forensic Science degree then we recommend them come visit our campus and see what we have to offer them.”

While the Forensic Science program is challenging, graduates are able to get jobs in the field and it’s validating the program. Flood said in a recent program, it was demonstrated that all of the graduates in the last 10 years were either accepted into graduate or professional school, or had a job in the science field within 6 months of graduating.

“We not only graduate competent students that are able to get jobs in the field, we help them get out of school with as little debt as possible. This makes it easier for students to pursue their dreams,” Kristy Henson, assistant professor of Forensic Science said. “I am so glad to be a part of the Forensic Science program at Fairmont State and I hope we can continue our track record!”

Affordable Schools started the research for this ranking by consulting the National Center for Education Statistics website and its free College Navigator database. There was a search for bachelor’s degrees in forensic science with a maximum tuition of $20,000 to make start the list of candidates to rank.

Two factors were given weight in the ranking process: the tuition and student-to-faculty ratio as reported by NCES. Tuition is a major concern for students, this was kept in mind and only schools that could offer an annual tuition rate within the range were included. Information in this ranking covers tuition, student-to-faculty ratio, degree requirements, specializations and more.

Originally from Fairmont State University News.