The Blue Waters Student Internship Program is currently seeking faculty and students to participate in year-long student internship opportunities.

Blue Waters is one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. It can complete more than 1 quadrillion calculations per second on a sustained basis and more than 13 times that at peak speed. The peak speed is almost 3 million times faster than the average laptop. Blue Waters is also the fastest supercomputer at a university anywhere in the world. It is supported by the National Science Foundation and the University of Illinois. The National Center for Supercomputing Applications manages the Blue Waters project and provides expertise to help scientists and engineers take full advantage of the system for their research.

Students in the internship program will gain experiences involving the application of high-performance computing to problems in science, mathematics or engineering. The program provides a student stipend for undergraduate participants totaling $5,000, a two-week intensive Petascale Institute in 2016 and, for a select number of interns who have excelled during the year, travel to the Blue Waters Symposium 2017.

The goal is to promote students of exceptional promise to become expert so that they can work extensively with parallel applications.

The program is also looking for faculty members for good projects and the opportunity to mentor. If applying in this category, faculty members should indicate preference of student. This program provides support for internship activities at any accredited degree granting institution in the United States. Faculty who would like to mentor an undergraduate student may post descriptions of available positions.

Positions can be intended for a particular applicant or opened to all qualified applicants.

Students must submit an application for consideration.

A flyer with more information, including deadline dates, is available at this link.

For complete information on the internship program, visit