Although the 2015 DOE EPSCoR solicitation has not yet been released, we are inviting energy researchers to submit pre-proposals. Only one proposal may be submitted from WV.  A letter of intent is due January 5 and pre-proposals are due January 15. The pre-proposal is 4 pages with specific items to be addressed. One key item is that research teams must have agreement from a DOE Program Officer that he or she will provide 10% of the funding for a successful proposal.

Specific instructions on how to prepare your pre-proposal are on this page. Additional helpful materials may be posted later, so check back frequently.

While we wait for the release of this year’s solicitation , here is the link to last year’s solicitation: We do not expect major changes in this year’s solicitation.


DOE EPSCoR Announcement to WV Energy Researchers Dec 2014

Letter of Intent Instructions

Pre-prosal details

Budget Template 12 6 14

Proposed Roster of Team Members