Instructions for Administrators:

  1. Your organization must be registered in Apply
  2. Your organization will need to add members to their organization after those members have already been added as users though Apply. These are the steps to add these members to your organization:
    • Log in to Apply
    • Click on “Manage Organization”
      • You will only see this if you are an administrator for the Organization 
    • Click on “Members”
    • Click on “Add Member”
    • Complete form with name and email 
    • Check the option to, “Notify Member by Email” that they have been added
    • Click “Add”

Once the person (principal investigator or PI) submitting the application has completed the registration process by clicking on the link in the email and following the instructions, including setting a password, they should be able to log in and see the available programs. However, they cannot create a new application unless they have been promoted to an administrator. An administrator will need to initially create the application, include a title, add the applicant as a collaborator, and then transfer ownership to the applicant. The applicant should notify their administrator of their intent or request to apply to a program and provide a title for their application.

Each institution’s administrator might want to customize the email text to inform the registrant of the above process for applying for a grant.