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Neurite: A STEM magazine for West Virginia students

Below are Pdf versions of The Neurite – a STEM magazine for West Virginia 8th – 12th graders. Click here to contact Communications Manager Amanda Ramey if you would like more information.


Highlights of this issue:

A conversation about DNA Origami

A map of job opportunities for chemists

A history lesson on the Nobel Prize

The math behind origami

A DNA Origami folding guide




Highlights of this issue:

A feature on WV’s own National Youth Science Camp (NYSC)

An interview with recent delegates of the NYSC

STEM opportunities for kids around West Virginia

Interviews with two past NYSC delegates who are successful in their STEM careers

Fun with extracurriculars: a crossword puzzle




Highlights of this issue:

A story about a WVU student’s astrophysics research

Job options in the world of astrophysics

How scientists are learning to ‘hear’ the universe

Fun with astrophysics: a crossword puzzle